Descripteur : Type of additional sheath (OW/SW)

Type du descripteur : categorical

Additional sheath: Second part of a wall composed by two zones (carcass + sheath).

OW: Outer wall.

SW: Single wall.


Microporous sheath

Microporous sheath: Thin skeletal plate supported by carcass and pierced by micropores (lesser diameter than pores).


Mesh: Wire netting composed by a layer of ribs with or without lintels.


Type of additional sheath (OW/SW)
    |_ Type of microporous sheath (OW/SW) {None , Mesh}
    |_ Type of mesh (OW/SW) {None , Microporous sheath}
    |_ Repartition of bracts on additional sheath (OW/SW) {None , Mesh}

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