Descripteur : Repartition of carcass pores (OW/SW)

Type du descripteur : categorical

Pore: Simple perforation of any skeletal structure. Pore diameter is greater than thickness of the structure.

Carcass: Part of wall on intervallum side.

OW: Outer wall.

SW: Single wall.


Repartition of carcass pores (OW/SW)

Homogeneous repartition

Homogeneous repartition: Pores covered the whole wall.

Heterogeneous repartition

Heterogeneous repartition: Pores covering partially the wall.


Independant from the vertical intervallar structures


Type of carcass perforations: outer wall or single wall (OW/SW)
 |_ Repartition of carcass pores (OW/SW)
    |_ Repartition types of carcass pores (OW/SW) {Heterogeneous repartition}

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