Descripteur : Porosity of carcass canals tubes zone A (IW)

Type du descripteur : categorical

Zone A: Intervallum side.

Canal: Pore modified by skeletal structure thikening or by lintels streching. Canal length is greater than perforation diameter.

Lintel: Skeletal structure separating and bounding adjacent pores/canals.

Carcass: Part of wall on intervallum side.

IW: Inner wall.


Non-porous: Canal lacking connecting pores or any other connection with adjacent canals.
syn.: Non-communicating.




Porous: Canal connected to its neighbors either by pores piercing mutual canal walls.
syn.: Simple communicating.


Simple communicating


Simple communicating


Spongiose: Massive inner wall consisting of elaborately waved, communicating canals.
syn.: Anastomosing communicating.


Anastomosing communicating


Type of carcass perforations: inner wall (IW)
 |_ Porosity of carcass canals tubes zone A (IW)

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